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What’s the advantage of buying a North Park cabin RV instead of just building a cabin on-site? This is a fun one to answer and why we chose to dedicate our products to the campground owners. Each campground will have its own unique needs and wants. Obviously, we are pushing for the park model!

  1. Convenience…A park model can be delivered on a quiet Monday morning and rented that same night.  A stick built cabin can take months of trying to get permits, noise and cause disarray.
  2. Taxes…you’ll be paying additional property taxes on that stick built cabin. Tax depreciation on a park model can be just a few years.
  3. Zoning…The beauty of a campground is you just don’t have to ask, put it in and rent it out! Easy and no hassle!
  4. Portability and resale value…That explains itself!!
  5. Financing…financing is typically available from any lender. Park model RV’s have a title like any camper or automobile and a lien is easily attached. Financing a site built cabin is a whole different animal.
  6. Factory Direct...This results in increased value for our customers.
  7. Quality construction & materials...Our goal is to produce the best built park models in the industry! Our conventional home style construction, and attention to detail guarantees your cabin will retain its quality and appearance for years to come. We use products from the housing industry, not discount import products from the RV industry.
  8. Local manufacturer...We can provide the local service & support that you can't get from any other manufacturer!
  9. RVIA certified...We are an RVIA certified builder with ongoing inspections. All cabin RV's will comply with the ANSI A119.5 codes and have an RVIA decal.

Your Cabins are Offered in a “Rental Configuration”. What does that mean?

A maintenance free product that gives you the look of a traditional cabin. Well thought out designs and amenities for a pleasant stay but without excessive trim and cabinets requiring dusting and cleaning. Pricing and economics of scale and design passed back to you so your return on investment can begin quickly.

Do you offer quantity discounts?

Yes, with a multiple, identical cabin order with a down payment sufficient to negotiate discounts which we’ll pass along to you. We’ve priced things exceedingly tight, but any savings will be passed on to our customers!

 Can we get a customized park model?

Absolutely! Love to! BUT…costs will increase noticeably. The featured plans have been painstakingly designed for efficiency and economy. That said, some revisions won’t add any cost at all, moving a door or window, mirroring or flipping a plan, no worries…we can even reverse the hitch from end to end. Making it longer, wider, taller…these things change our efficiency and costs will increase. Different colors or products change some of the economies as well, but in general just the cost of the products themselves.

Do you sell to the public?

Yes, sales to the public are still available. Contact us regarding lead times and we will see where we can fit you in!

Do you build lofts?

Not at the moment. Lofts create additional cost and liability. If you can create comfortable sleeping for 8 in an economical ranch plan, why open yourself up to the liability of a loft…and who gets to do the cleaning up there?

Do you offer decks or skirting?

We offer basic entry steps, delivered with your park model. Full decks are not cost effective to transport when you factor in materials and man power to your site. Many, many variables exist when it comes to skirting, so, much like decks, it is not cost effective for us to provide that. We do offer skirting “prep” and product suggestions.

Do your park models come with appliances?

Following the suggestions of many campground owners, our plans have a double sink and ample counter space for several small appliances. All full kitchens include the cook-top, range hood, fan and light. We do offer an appliance package if needed.

Can your park models be used throughout the winter?

We do offer a winterization package. We already use spray foam insulation as a standard, so we can just add more! A small increase in the heat sizing will get the job done. Water and sewer lines will require proper routing and heat tapes. (North Park cannot be held reliable for any freeze ups)

What kind of utilities do we need?

We’ll assume you have the water and waste hookups, because we can’t bring them with us…but we will supply you with a 20 foot 50-amp cord. The water hook up is completed with a simple garden hose connection and the exit plumbing will be a 3” pvc pipe.

Do you level and block the park model on our site?

This is an optional service that we do charge for. If you have a properly prepared, level site, this can be inexpensive. Please keep in mind our delivery costs include the park model delivered to your driveway. Please make sure you read your contract regarding delivery.